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Brütal Legend
Cane and Rinse Vol. 3

Brütal Legend – Cane and Rinse No.146

“Ugh! It smells like a whale… ate some cabbage… and died in your mouth… like a year ago!”

Darren, Brian, Ryan and Jay discuss Double Fine Productions‘ ambitious third-person action adventure game – Brütal Legend. They talk about their thoughts regarding the game’s troubled production, the controversial inclusion of the real-time strategy gameplay and the critical response once it was released. Of course, you couldn’t have a discussion about this game and not talk about it’s metal-tastic soundtrack. We’ve also the opinions offered by our community and our usual Twitter-based three word reviews.

Music used in this issue:

1: Die for Metal by Manowar
2: Murmaider by Dethklok
3: Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce
4: Tornado of Souls by Megadeth
5: Kickstart My Heart by Mötley Crüe

Cane and Rinse 146 was edited by Ryan Hamann

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  1. The Amercian dude on this one sounds like a serial killer

  2. Ha! Aww, no. Ryan is one of the nicest, smartest guys you could ever meet, and has a gorgeous, honey-smooth broadcasting voice that I’m really rather jealous of! Still, it’s always the quiet ones, eh..?

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