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Music Monday: Tearaway

Even if Tony and I weren’t quite as enamoured as Jay and Sean with Media Molecule’s Tearaway (definitely not to be confused with the sub-Sonic-esque antics of Tearaway Thomas on the Amiga) in our recent podcast, one thing that the entire panel were singing from the same hymn-sheet about was Kenneth Young and Brian D’Oliveira’s videogame-atypical folksy music.

As ever you can hear a few snatches during the course of the podcast, but let’s use this week’s Music Monday to explore Tearaway’s rich musical tapestry a little further.

Firstly a video from the Official PlayStation Channel which sees Mr Young explaining how sea shanties and other traditional forms of music provided the source for much of Tearaway’s uncommonly earthy audio palette.


Accordingly I am now compelled to feature the indeed “awesome” folk/dubstep mash-up that accompanies Atoi/Iota’s entry into the barn. The heavy nod to that contemporary electronic sub-genre may ultimately date this piece, but I’m pretty certain it will forever remain funny.


Another personal favourite from the game is this battle anthem, officially entitled The Caverns Scraps Theme. A track so gnarly and dramatic it manages to make a cute little paper guy/gal popping paper boxes into gaily-coloured confetti strips feel like an epic struggle for humanity.


And this feature certainly wouldn’t be complete without the heartwarming hoodang of the first swine-straddling segment.


There’s so much more goodness on the official OST to recommend that the best I can do is point you in the right direction – to the PSN/SEN store – and suggest that you download it (for £3.99/$7.99 or equivalent) to your portable music player of choice, before making it the aural backing to at least one of your own real life stories.

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