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Console special No.6: SEGA Dreamcast

“Up to 6 billion players”

The latest of our single platform podcast specials focuses on SEGA’s final console, the Dreamcast. Leon, Karl and guests Ben Cartlidge (One Credit Classics) and John Linneman (Digital Foundry Retro) unpick the magic from the smoke and mirrors in an attempt to understand how and why the most powerful console ever (circa 1998/1999) failed to win the hearts and minds of the general public. Passionate prose from the community and a swift(ish) rundown of the machine’s diverse and colourful library round out the show.


You can find out what both Jon and Ben are up to via the links below:

Jon’s twitter

Ben’s twitter

Dreamcast special was edited by Jay Taylor


  1. Just listened to this.

    It’s a pain to duplicate, so I will post a link to my memories of the Dreamcast. Thanks so much for these amazing podcasts, such memories, such depth, love it. Cheers.

  2. Thanks Michiel!
    TBH it’s heavily neglected, but I plan on getting it back up and running this year. Thing is, I have branched out a lot and definitely play more than SEGA these days, (e.g. XB360 CAVE shooters), but there we go.
    Superb content and I’m going through the podcast back catalogue as I type. Expect a PayPal donation soon 🙂

  3. Thanks M! Much appreciated.

  4. Good podcast, as always! These console specials are a fun trip down memory lane.

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