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Music Monday: Chrono Trigger

Guest columnist Glen Watts takes time out to laud Yasunori Mitsuda’s Chrono Trigger score. It’s 1994 and Yasunori Mitsuda is not a happy man. Having joined Squaresoft two years previously as a composer, he hasn’t […]


Mallet’s mallet

“July Ann does not have a boyfriend”, I am reliably informed by one of Radiohammer’s loading screen tool tips immediately after two pervert scientists have argued over the cup size of their giant, July Ann-alike […]

the wolf among us

The Wolf Among Us

The runaway success of The Walking Dead made Telltale Games an industry darling. But how does its fairy tale follow-up fare? Fresh from the mean streets of Fabletown, Brian Tarran delivers his verdict Does it […]


Luxuria Superbia

Luxuria Superbia may be Tale Of Tales’ most straightforward game yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t challenge established conventions and push boundaries. I know enough Latin to recognise two of the seven deadly sins […]


Tribloos 2

Tribloos 2 marks the return of the furry, cuddly Tribloos to our gaming screens. They attempt to save their village from devastating storms with the help of the benevolent player whose role it is to […]