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Music Monday: Lemmings

Two dozen years ago last week Lemmings invaded home computers for the first time. This was of course DMA Design’s fictional, blue tunicked, Doozer-like subspecies rather than the adorable but […]


Music Monday: Silent Hill

Music Monday returns with guest contributor and Silent Hill/Akira Yamaoka superfan, Jon Salmon (@CatatonicNali). Let me preface this by saying that I’m something of a Silent Hill fanatic. I’ve played […]


Music Monday: Sonic 3

There are so many great tracks from the Mega Drive/Genesis Sonic games that I could share with you, but these particular selections from Sonic 3 have always resonated with my […]


Music Monday: Bejeweled 3

My hunch is that the music of Bejeweled 3 was developed under laboratory conditions, using algorithms that specifically and subliminally target whatever parts of the brain it is that trigger […]


Music Monday: Pang

A game with three names, the cutesy Space Invaders meets Asteroids hybrid Pang is also known as Buster Bros. in the USA and Pomping World in its native Japan. A […]