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Music Monday: Mario Kart

Having sunk something like thirty to forty happy, if sometimes sweary, hours into Mario Kart 8 this past week and a half or so (including a highly successful Cane and Rinse online session last Saturday […]


Music Monday: Portal 2

On the latest issue (130) of the Cane and Rinse podcast we talk about the musical ménage à trois that further embellishes Valve’s already vividly realised Portal 2 world. It makes sense to me then […]


Music Monday: Bastion

After what felt like an interminable wait, SuperGiant Games finally released Transistor for PS4 and PC last week. Like the studio’s 2011 debut Bastion (we discussed its isometric melancholy with guest Dan Bendon of Ready […]


Music Monday: ElektraGlide

I briefly mention a game from my distant 8-bit youth in the latest issue of the Cane and Rinse podcast: ElektraGlide. On doing my research for that first Burnout show I learned that one of […]


Music Monday: Rez

With genius videogames auteur (and University Challenge question subject) Tetsuya Mizuguchi announcing his imminent return to game development, what better time to feature this outstanding track from Rez on a Music Monday? Adam Freeland’s Fear […]


Music Monday: Bubble Bobble

Not only do I find Taito’s cutesy 1986 platformer Bubble Bobble to be a timelessly brilliant and utterly delightful game, but the soundtrack has been lodged in my head since I first played the coin-op […]