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Double Dragon Neon: ABOBO!

Darren Forman revisits his 1980’s childhood via WayForward’s (Contra 4, A Boy & His Blob, Mighty Flip Champs, Mighty Switch Force) affectionate piss-take of/homage to Technos’ 1987 original: Double Dragon Neon.



Darren G. confronts Derek Yu’s formidable Rogue-like Spelunky Rewind to 2008 and you’ll see the same baby-faced Darren as you would now but one as yet without the mental scars caused by becoming a Spelunky […]


LIMBO Quick Rinse

This Quick Rinse, which ties in with Issue Twenty-Four of the podcast, sees Josh brave the first 8 minutes or so of LIMBO, for the umpteenth time.



I often see and hear variations of the phrase “I’m not paying 1200 Microsoft points”, ever since that £10/$15 price point began to become commonplace on Xbox Live Arcade in 2008. (There were instances of […]