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Cane and Rinse Vol. 1

The Beginning – Cane and Rinse 0

The “Dummy” Issue

A shorter than usual podcast allowing us to introduce ourselves and give a little background on both our gaming and podcasting histories as well as setting out our aims for the show proper and accompanying blog.

Do you have an opinion about this podcast in genera or maybe you have something to say about a particular game? Then why not venture into our forum and leave us your feedback. Whilst there you could also interact with our ever-growing and friendly community, in discussing past, present and future videogames (and lots of other stuff too!) and perhaps even arrange some games with like-minded individuals. Sound good? Come and say hello at聽The Cane and Rinse forum


  1. Steven Thomsen-Jones

    Roll on Episode 1!

    Great start guys, good to have you aims laid out so clearly. Sounds just like my cup of tea!

  2. Great poddy to start lads, nice to see you guys landing on your feet.

  3. It feels like Christmas 馃檪 …. Love the podcast, RIP DNM long live CAR

  4. Looking forward to giving this a listen later at work.

  5. Domo arigato for the feedback folks, ’tis good to be back out there in the blogosphere again! : )

  6. Loving your work already, and the panda!

  7. Excellent work gents, really loving the site and looking forward to what you’ll be producing in the future.

  8. I like the name, I too like play on words, although mine is just smashing to name together, heck, there was a chance that Pacroid could have been Met-man. But for some reason, Pacroid just felt better, like most roid thing feel I guess;)

  9. Love the theme tune and great name explanation x

  10. Gotta say, I’ve only just got round to giving this a listen. Liking it! Look forward to checking out more 馃檪

  11. Just found you here in 2023. Got lots of great content to catch up on. Good show guys

  12. You sure do! Welcome along!

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