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The Cane and Rinse Periodical: Issue One

Hey folks, it’s Issue One of our all-new Periodical!

Okay, as we’re all living in the Twenty-First Century with all its exciting digital revolutions we decided to try and expand the way we deliver our Cane and Rinse content to you – our loyal readership.

How are we gonna try and do this? Well, in the form of our The Cane and Rinse Periodical.
This allows us to deliver via download a monthly digest of Cane & Rinse highlights straight to you in a convenient, portable format. We’re very excited to bring it to you and we very much hope that you enjoy it. Of course this is almost as new to us as it is to you, so all your comments and feedback are gratefully received via the email, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube buttons that you can find embedded within it pages.

Your feedback will prove invaluable for any future issues as we know there are already several things that could be improved upon for further development.

Whilst at this stage it is, we’re afraid, pretty much exclusive for those of you with iPads (iOS5 & iBooks are also necessary to view the content). We have however, also place a download link for the .pdf version too. Although this format only allows hyperlinks and none of the other multimedia stuff (audio, video) that you’ll find in the iBook version.

We are also currently in the process of trying to get this content to be delivered via iTunes bookstore to make delivery much easier but unfortunately we didn’t resolve this in time for this first issue.


You can download issue one of the iBook version here.

For those of you who are without an iPad but are just curious anyway;

You can download the .pdf version here


One last thing for now, the Periodical is currently designed to be read in the landscape orientation on the iPad and not in portrait (this is due to a software issue with the current version of iBooks Author and will hopefully be another thing addressed for future issues at some point).


  1. Blimey. That looks amazing! Fantastic service. Many congrats on this, chaps!

  2. Thanks Simon. Jay did all the hard work (immediately after quitting Cane & Rinse, the chump)!

  3. Thanks Simon, although I wouldn’t call it particularly hard in that it was mostly a copy and paste job as I didn’t create any of the actual content itself (the hardest part in my opinion). Anyway I’m glad people seem to like the idea as there’s plenty of scope for improvement over the course of the coming months.

  4. Fantastic idea, fellas. Brilliantly done, packed with great content. Nothing short of genius

  5. Thanks James, but I’d leave out the “genius” bit until we’ve done at least one of the following; created a clean, green energy source – brought about global peace and understanding or help discover the Higgs Boson.

    Until then, what we’ve done can be considered just “alright” ; )

  6. Thanks James, that’s fantastic praise coming from a pro such as yourself!

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