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Cane and Rinse Vol. 9

Mario Kart DS – Cane and Rinse No.445

“Here we go!”

The beginning of the Nintendo Dual Screen’s heyday in 2005 saw the not insignificant release of a new, handheld Mario Kart. Mario Kart DS went for something of a ‘back-to-basics’ approach after the gimmicks and novelties of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Leon, Darren, Leah, Michiel and our community correspondents reinflate their balloons for another snake around the circuits of Mario Kart DS.


Music featured in this issue:

1. Title by Shinobu Tanaka

2. Waluigi Pinball by Shinobu Tanaka

Cane and Rinse 445 was edited by Ryan Hamann

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