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The previous generation of game consoles followed an interesting arc. Introduced as serious, realistic, and “gritty” action games were nearing the height of their popularity, it was a common observation and complaint that, for all […]


Wolfenstein: The New Order

MachineGames has turned the prototypical first-person shooter into a stealth-action-adventure game – with surprising results. I would have loved to have been in the room when MachineGames, the developer of Wolfenstein: The New Order, pitched […]


Music Monday: PaRappa the Rapper

Rather than select one of the legendary playable songs from NanaOn-Sha’s PaRappa the Rapper I thought I’d go for a slightly left-field selection from Masaya Matsuura’s adorable OST. Funny Love is the rhyming canine’s soppy, […]


WipEout 64 Quick Rinse

Our Darren Gargette floats gracefully on a cushion of air thanks mostly to his high-fibre diet. WipEout’s only N64 outing was ostensibly a cartridge-based port of PlayStation WipEout 2097 (aka WipEout XL) but also included some […]