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Resident Evil: Vendetta

Squeezing his coal-shed sized biceps into a screening chair, Josh watches the new BioHazard CG movie Resident Evil: Vendetta and tells you just how much he thinks of it Resident Evil: Vendetta is the third […]

nex machina

Nex Machina

Leon Cox reviews hot and happening twin-stick shoot’em up from Housemarque and Eugene ‘Robotron’ Jarvis, Nex Machina: Death Machine. We timed our latest podcast, all about Eugene Jarvis’ seminal twin stick coin-op Robotron: 2084 to […]



Inspired by Three Fourths Home, Spencer Saunders muses upon the validity of mundane and meaningful interactions in videogames Interaction is often considered to be the most important aspect of games. Duh. That’s sort of the […]

combine gunship

The cry of the Combine Gunship

Josh considers why he finds the sound of one of Gordon Freeman’s assailants especially disquieting Something I constantly return to in my criticism of games, movies or TV I’ve written or recorded, is the weight […]

gone home

Fiction affinity

It was just like it was in Gone Home. I’d spent my first year away from home, at university. I had changed, and my family had changed in my absence. Returning, I felt like a […]

snake pass

Snake Pass

Darren Gargette hisses about in his review of developer Sumo Digital’s new platformer – Snake Pass Deep breaths, Darren. Calm down. It’s already been a cracking year for videogames as far as I’m concerned. Even […]